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Why invest in a portrait photography session?

Capturing who you are right now is priceless and guaranteed to be the one investment you won’t regret.

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Why invest in a professional portrait photography session?  Capturing who you are right now is priceless and guaranteed to be the one investment you won’t regret.

Sheryn Ellis is a multi award winning national and international photographer. Award categories include, portraits, fine art, landscapes, photo journalism, illustrative and pets.

Have you ever thought, time appears to be speeding up, every year we say ‘wow, that year went so much faster than the one before…’  Our lives constantly change, we grow, life moves at an alarming rate and if we blink we will miss another year.

Couples come together, babies are born, babies grow into children, children turn into young adults, young adults become couples: are you starting to see a pattern

Right NOW is the perfect time to capture your life, who you are, where you are, you don’t need an excuse, tomorrow you will already have changed!

Sheryn’s a truly passionate portrait photographer who considers every portrait photography session to be individual and unique to you and your circumstances.

Sheryn will capture images that you will treasure now and for generations to come.

Why invest in a portrait photography session?

Receiving permanent, lifetime guaranteed prints and products = priceless.

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Sheryn creates a beautiful blend of photography and art recording your family history in a stunning natural way.

Each photography experience is designed especially for you. It doesn’t matter if you want a studio session, an outdoor session or a combination of both.

Before each session we will discuss and design the perfect blend of photography for you. We prepare you for what to bring, what to wear and what to expect during your photography experience.

After your photography experience another meeting is arranged, a personal ordering appointment, where you will view and select your favourite images for printing into works of art.

We use only the best products, all have a lifetime guarantee, and we offer affordable payment plans on all our packages.

What’s included in the session fee

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All portrait photography pricing is affordable. Your initial investment is $150 to book a portrait photography experience with Sheryn.

Your initial investment guarantees you the portrait photographer’s time and talent, we meet for a Design Consultation where we plan your photography experience and set a date for the photography session. The Fine Art Portrait Experience may take around 2 hours with clothing and hair and makeup changes. After the photography experience we meet again and view and select the images you wish to purchase and have custom printed.

The investment also includes the photographer’s time and talent in processing the images into stunning works of art that you will be proud to showcase throughout your home and share with your friends and family.

Delivery of your products takes a maximum of 2 weeks*. (*The exception being the ordering of custom made photo albums which come from Italy).

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