Taking a Selfie

So How Do You Take The Perfect Selfie?

I hate selfies! What??!! Seriously, those duck faced, pouty lipped, half naked shots.. they’re the selfies I hate. Why? Ask yourself why and then ask yourself are they really the best way to share who you are with the world?

Do I take selfies? YES of course I do. Are they great shots? In terms of award winning images, definitely not! In terms of recording where I am or who I’m with, absolutely, they are the perfect selfie!

So now that you know I don’t hate ALL selfies, here are my top 5 tips to taking the perfect selfie:

  1. Location;
  2. Lighting;
  3. Pose;
  4. Expression; and
  5. Edit.

Let’s talk about location:

  • What’s in the background?
  • Are you wanting to include a scenic location?
  • If the background isn’t important then make sure you have a nice plain wall or scene behind you – the image is all about YOU – the perfect selfie!

Lighting is key:

  • You don’t want to be squinting into the sun, unless you like the thought of extra wrinkles!
  • Sitting or standing in the shade facing the direction of where the light is coming from will give you lovely soft lighting which will help smooth out any ‘worry’ lines.

Posing – does it really matter?

  • Of course posing matters!
  • Place your phone or device slightly higher than eye level as this will tilt your chin up and open your eyes nicely.
  • We all have a ‘favourite’ side of our face so I suggest you use a slight head tilt to emphasise your best side.
  • Check that your arms look long and slim and not squished against your body.

Expression – what mood are you trying to portray?

  • Everyone loves a happy smiley face however in saying that you’ll rarely see me smile in my selfies.
  • If you’re happy, don’t be afraid to show it!
  • If you love a serious face, then go for it – show your serious side


  • I’m a huge fan of self editing in Instagram. I don’t like to use the built in filters but a quick play with exposure, contrast, temperature and structure are enough to give your image a little boost.
  • Edits should be subtle, NOT hit you in the face like a sledge hammer!
  • Black & white always looks nice so don’t be afraid to try converting your image too.

If you’ve made it this far you will now have a good idea of how to take the perfect selfie. Go ahead, give it a go and have some fun whilst doing it.

Anywhere, anytime is the perfect time for a selfie.