A Photo A Day Project.

Day 12: Life is falling back into our usual routine. Kids are at school. Chores get attended to each day. Guinea pigs get spoilt rotten. If I had a dollar for every time I found a child inside with a guinea pig in their lap I’d never have to work again 😉 The guinea pigs are certainly loved in our house and I must admit that it was my love of them that bought them back into our family this year.

The kids ask me just about everyday if I’ll take a picture of this one or that one. It’s an easy way to keep the kids involved in my photography and update my pictures of them too as I usually ask them to hold them for the best shot 😉

Image below is a mum (on top) and her daughter (who happens to be my favourite guinea pig) and they are just hanging out on the trampoline while the kids feed them special treats. Camera settings: ISO 640; f5; 1/250th in afternoon natural light.



This is another little story board I put together of them all hanging out 🙂


Until tomorrow…

Live. Love. Learn.

Sheryn Ellis, Portrait Photographer.