A Photo A Day Project.

Day 15: Life is like a lollipop. A friend sent me this link to Whispers of the Heart which sums up perfectly what I was thinking.

How did I take this image? It was night time already so I propped the lollipop in front of my computer screen and used the white screen as a light box (blown out background). Camera settings: ISO 2500; f4; 1/160th.


We are in the dead middle of winter. It really hasn’t been that cold this winter which I’ve been thankful for. I’m certainly not a ‘fashionable’ person – ask anyone who knows me. I love my jeans and that’s what you’ll find me wearing at least 300 days of the year. This season, in an attempt to join the fashionable ‘club’, I’ve purchased a gorgeous warm, woolly, funky scarf. This scarf has become my favourite wardrobe accessory this winter. It seems fitting that I took a photo of my scarf and almost made it my photo of the day however I went with the lolli-pop in the end 🙂 The flowers are from a bouquet I received for my birthday.


Live. Love. Learn.

Sheryn Ellis, Portrait Photographer.