A Photo A Day Project continues.

Day 2: Today is my husband’s birthday and we are 3,000 kms apart. He is currently in Cooktown, QLD driving to the tip of Cape York and I am in Sydney, staying with my best friend. We speak briefly in the morning and both the children and I wish him well for the day and the rest of his trip. It’s bittersweet as this is our third year apart on his birthday and it’s playing on my mind.

For me, on holidays, the mornings are a write-off as we allow the children to get up and chill out leaving us to stay in bed for as long as possible (after all, we don’t have any plans to be anywhere). Once everyone is fed, dressed and ready for the day we head outside.

The weather is, again, perfect and we make plans to revisit a ‘secret’ waterfall. There has been a lot of rain lately and I know that I want to ensure the creeks are safe for the kids to explore on their own at a later date. So, we set out together on this little adventure: 2 adults, 6 children, 1 dog, 2 iPhones and my trusty DSLR. What a difference a few months and several inches of rain make. In January the waterfall was just a trickle of water flowing over a huge rock and there was a large sandy area in front of it. Now the waterfall is cascading over the entire rock and there is no sand area to be seen, we are literally crouched in the bushes!

The kids are excited to see the changed scenery and immediately start ‘nagging’ us; ‘please can we go swimming, please…’ and we are saying ‘no, don’t be ridiculous it’s freezing…’. It is the middle of winter, the temperature is a mere 9 degree celsius  I am dressed in 2 layers of clothing and barely able to feel my fingers or toes. Who wins? Somehow 6 children and 1 dog all end up in the water, under the waterfall, splashing around and having what they say is ‘the best time of our lives…’.

I can’t help but feel nostalgic as I know this is exactly the kind of childhood I had; exploring, swimming all year round, sharing special adventures with my best friends and feeling ‘one with nature’. I capture image after image of sheer delight – my children think they have the best Mums ever (even if for just a short time 😉 ) and this is the most fun they can imagine!

Sheryn-Ellis_APAD_D2_Blog_ I am using Instagram a lot and capture the kids just hanging out and enjoying each others company at every possible moment.

Earlier in the day I’d wandered around looking for a subject for my PAD. I was really excited when I discovered this hidden treasure (photographers treasure).  Underneath an old corrugated tin rain-water tank, a slow leak has created a brilliant display of stalactites which glisten beautifully under my macro lens. There is a bucket under the dripping water which acts as a natural reflector here and after just 6 shots I am happy with this composition. Camera settings for this shot are: ISO 1250; f4; 1/80th using my 100mm 2.8L. Sheryn-Ellis_APAD_d2_July2013The days adventure is over, my photo a day is complete and I load it with the caption ‘What Am I?’.

Some of the other images I contemplated were a splash shot, a close up of one of the stalactites, and some of those candid moments I captured of our children in the water.

Sheryn-Ellis_APAD_D2_BlogDay 2 complete, let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Live.Love. Learn.

Sheryn Ellis, Portrait Photographer