A Photo A Day Project.

Day 22: Today I’m in catch-up mode. I’m cleaning up and getting organised as hubby has finally rung and told me he’s on his way home and it’s now just a matter of hours until he walks through the door (he’s been away for 23 days – but who’s counting 😉 ).

I always find it amazing how you can see something every day and it doesn’t mean anything to you and then all of a sudden it jumps out at you as an interesting subject. I walked past our little outdoor burner today and for some reason, perhaps it was the way the light was shining through the door, it just drew me in – I wanted to keep looking at it and explore the textures and tones of it (yes, I am a little obsessed with light!). I grabbed the camera, shot 8 frames (all different angles) and knew one of them was my photo a day.

Camera settings: ISO 640; f5; 1/50th. Natural light, converted to black & white in Adobe Lightroom.


Here’s a wider view of it as the first image is designed to be a bit of an abstract ‘teaser’ shot as you wouldn’t easily recognise what it is a picture of 🙂


Another day complete.

Live. Love. Learn.

Sheryn Ellis, Portrait Photographer.