A Photo A Day Project – Love.

Day 23: What is love? I’m sure there will be some girls out there shaking their head at me after they read this and there may be some boys out there asking, where do I find a girl like that?

I am not a ‘Material Girl’. I don’t need or want for make-up, fashion, jewellery or lingerie. I prefer jeans (the $10 variety or something I pick up from the throw out rack in a seconds store); T-shirts (I usually shop in the childrens department for my t’s as they are a better fit for me 😉 ), I own 6 pairs of shoes – all practical bar one pair; I have just started wearing my wedding, engagement and a single dress ring again; I wear a $10 pendant (that I purchased at a chinese cheap shop almost 7 years ago) and it hangs on a beautiful necklace which my parents gave me for Christmas last year; lingerie… way too uncomfortable for me to put up with wearing that stuff!!

Camera gear – now that’s another subject! I have a very good camera, probably worth more than some peoples cars however I justify this with ‘it’s simply a tool of my trade’ 🙂

So where is this all leading? When it comes to birthdays and Christmas’ and gifts in general I can be difficult to buy for because chances are if I don’t already have it then I probably don’t need or want it. My husband worked this out some time ago – the way to my heart is through small, yet significant, tokens of appreciation and love! He is now home from a 23 day trip to the tip of Cape York – during that time both our birthdays have been and gone. I gave him a gift before he left and I told him not to get me anything because there is nothing I need or want right now (I’m in the planning stages of designing a new studio space so there will be plenty of things I ‘want’ soon 😉 ).

My husband unpacks his car and gives the children all little gifts he’s picked up along the way; a cap each, a hand-crafted shell necklace for the girls, a hat-pin for our son and some stickers and trinkets. He then hands me a small bag full of shells which he tells me he has collected at the various beaches he’s camped on. They are superb. I love them. I love him. I am happy. Love really is about the ‘little’ things that mean a ‘huge’ amount!

I have to take a few quick images straight away and I can’t decide on which one is my favourite so I put them together as a little storyboard and 4 images become my photo a day. Camera settings for these images are: ISO 1250; f6.3; 1/100th 100mm 2.8L macro lens.


Here are a couple which I have since processed a little differently.

Sheryn-Ellis_D23_1093_blog Sheryn-Ellis_d23_1098_blog

I look forward to photographing these shells again.

Live. Love. Learn.

Sheryn Ellis, Portrait Photographer.