A Photo A Day Project.

Day 24: Time. There never seems to be enough of it when we are on deadline yet it flies so fast when we are having fun.

Have you ever wondered if what you are doing right now will make a difference to anything or anyone, ever? I am constantly asking myself this question – will this project, this image, this email, this contact, this meeting make a difference in my life? Truth is: only time will tell.

Camera settings: ISO 1250; f2.8; 1/80th 100mm 2.8L macro lens.


So today’s image is to remind myself that I can’t predict the future, I can’t change the past all I can do, with certainty, is make decisions right now with the knowledge that I may not see instant results but there will definitely be results.

Enjoy life for what it is. There will be good times and not so good times, there will be moments you wish to forget and there will be moments you hope you will never forget. That is what makes life so beautiful.

Live. Love. Learn.

Sheryn Ellis, Portrait Photographer.