A Photo A Day Project – Kalida’s World.

Day 27: I love July. There are so many birthdays and reasons to get together with friends and family that the calendar is always full 🙂

Today we celebrated another of my nephew’s birthdays with a party in the park yet I captured very little of the actual party activity. In fact, I barely picked up my camera today – I was too engrossed in chit chat and enjoying just hanging out with my family.

My photo a day today is my niece. When I did pick my camera up I knew I had a personal task to complete. You see, I recently discovered that I didn’t have many photos of her (my niece) and certainly none that I’d captured candidly. I have no photos of her on her own in her own ‘world’. What do I mean by ‘in her own world’?  All children have a way of playing and exploring and just being themselves – pulling those weird and wonderful expressions of either concentration or delight (sometimes both at the same time) – the expressions that ‘we’, as parents, see every day yet rarely capture on camera. Those expressions are what I live for – the moments where you feel like you’ve just invaded their space and photographed them being ‘truly themselves’.

So I get down to Kalida’s level and follow her around for a few minutes, laughing with her, telling her ‘not’ to smile at the camera, telling her to show me what she’s up to, asking her ‘where’s mummy?’ All leading questions to ‘bore’ her into ignoring me so she’ll get on with her own important errands that she’s running in her ‘world’.

I finally capture a moment, a look that I know is truly her – she is on a mission – she has already ‘borrowed’ my scarf because she likes the feel of it, she has retrieved her gift to her cousin and is off to find him and present her gift.


I am happy, I have a series of images that show me her personality, her features, her interaction with her parents, her world 🙂

I never take these moments for granted – they are not little for ever.

Live. Love. Learn.

Sheryn Ellis, Portrait Photographer.