A Photo A Day Project.

Day 3: Today I woke up to a golden light coming through my bedroom window. I peak outside and all I can see are glistening dew drops shining in a thick fog. Determined not to miss this photographic opportunity I pull on an extra jacket and my ugg boots and head outside. The air is so crisp that I’m breathing fog with every breath I take.

I’m most intrigued by the dew drops on the fence and love the thin veil of spiderwebs that appear almost in midair. After just a few frames I am happy with the images and my fingers are now turning blue from the cold, it must be time for my morning coffee.

Sheryn-Ellis_APAD_d3_July2013I choose the wire fence with it’s little kink, as my photo a day, as the damaged wire resonates with my current mood: clearly it has had to bend under pressure yet it continues to hold together, doing it’s duty and keeping everyone safe. Camera settings for this image: ISO 320; f4.5; 1/800th Canon 100mm 2.8L macro lens.

During my daily wander around the property I keep my eyes open hoping to discover more hidden (photographic) treasures. The fungi continues to amaze me – the various shapes, sizes and colours appearing everywhere, ‘popping’ out of the saturated earth. Around one of the dams are dozens of spiderwebs sprawled across the ground. They are still covered in morning dew even though it is now mid afternoon. I love looking at the world through my macro lens, everything seems a lot more connected – it’s all in the details.


The light today is perfect, the sky is blue, the grass is green and the air is crystal clear. I ask the kids if they’d like to be photographed in this perfect light (they all think I’m a little crazy how I keep going on and on about having such perfect ‘shooting’ conditions) and eventually I manage to bribe them into having a few quick iPhone photos only. The deal, I strike with them, is: I get 2 ‘clicks’ to get it right, they are then allowed to photograph me and all the pets have to have their portrait taken too. The images below are all taken on my iPhone. Easily an hour passes and I’m happy to have recorded yet another amazing day which I will reflect on later with fond memories.Sheryn-Ellis_APAD_D3_b1 Sheryn-Ellis_APAD_D3_b2

The very last image here is a location on the property that I have my eye on to have an afternoon (golden hour) portrait session – I’m waiting for both the girls and I to be in just the right mood to capture what I have in mind…

Perhaps that will be tomorrow?

Live. Love. Learn.

Sheryn Ellis, Portrait Photographer