A Photo A Day Project July 2013 comes to an end.

Day 31: What a month. I’m proud to have completed another little project.

All day today I’ve been thinking about the type of shot I want to end the project with. My twins are away on their year 5 school camp and my youngest daughter wants to spend some ‘special’ time with me so I ask her if she’d like to help me create a special image today. Thankfully she is going through a please-take-my-photo stage so happily agrees to model for me! The first image is Cate looking into the sunset, pulling one of her I’m-not-interested faces 🙂 The light is beautiful and I’m confident I’ll get the shot I’m after.



I am after a backlit silhouette image. I ask her to stand still for a moment and I move myself around until the sun is just where I want it. Click. I love the image as soon as I see it on the back of the screen but when I show Cate she tells me that ‘I look funny, I don’t like the sun where it is?!’. I tell her we can take some more shots of whatever she wants to do and then we will be able to compare on the computer screen and see which image ‘wins’ for my APAD.

This remains my favourite, from the moment I first saw it I loved the position of the sun, the profile, the sun rays, the colour of the light – to me it’s what I had in mind for this project’s final image. Camera settings: ISO: 160; f6.3; 1/500th Canon 100mm 2.8L lens.


She now wants to climb the tree, swing from the branches and jump around. I continue clicking away as she jumps from a low sand dune and she keeps asking ‘did you catch that jump in midair?’ – I keep saying no just to watch her do it again 😉 The suns slips below the horizon all too quickly and it’s time to pack up and head home.

Sheryn-Ellis_1343_d31_blogSheryn-Ellis_1368_D31_blog Sheryn-Ellis_1383_D31_blog

When I show Cate the images on the computer she loves the fun shots and tells me she looks ‘cool’ with the ‘glow’ around her. We are both happy.

It’s a bitter sweet end to the photo a day project as I’ve enjoyed the daily challenge and the support of a special group of people on facebook. We have promised each other we will do another one soon. Until then…

Live. Love. Learn.

Sheryn Ellis, Portrait Photographer.