A Photo A Day Project.

Day 4: I am not precious about my camera. It is a tool of my trade and I am happy to take it anywhere, anytime – I take it out in the rain, I lay it in the mud, I hang it around my neck as we clamber over rocks and drag it behind me as we crawl through bushes. It’s all ok with me, I’m happy to allow others to use it and I love teaching the kids all about it.

Here is an Instagram shot of the girls using my camera.

Sheryn-Ellis_1587-D4_blog1Here are two images Millie took of Cate on my camera today – she did an awesome job using natural light to create beautiful portraits.

Sheryn-Ellis_APAD_D4_ak_blogSo what did I capture today for my photo a day shot? I took the kids on a walk into the bush and we revisited a cluster of fungi, walked along a cliff edge, explored a creek and found some native flowers.

My photo a day are these cute little mushrooms/fungi that were less than 10cm tall. They are so small that I needed to lay my camera on the ground, slightly lifting the lens with a stick, I then set the self timer to ensure the camera was steady as it captured the image. Settings used were: ISO 640; f7.1; 1/25th Canon 100mm 2.8L lens. I took just 2 shots before the kids had found another subject and were calling me to the next spot on our little adventure.


And here are some other images captured along the way. I am fortunate that both these girls love to be in front of the camera and the camera loves them.



Instagram shot of one of the walking tracks we explored today.

Until tomorrow.

Live. Love. Learn.

Sheryn Ellis, Portrait Photographer