A Photo A Day Project.

Day 5: I know right now that I don’t want to return to a normal routine. I love the random chaos of being on holidays: having no plans for the day; sitting around chatting about anything and everything; watching kids form and develop life-long friendships; no alarm clocks; no deadlines; no school-run to be on time for; no appointments to juggle; even the constant ‘whipping up’ of quick, healthy meals and snacks, doesn’t seem like a chore; kids on holidays – we have this down to a fine art!

It sounds like madness – 6 kids under the age of 14, 2 adults, 1 bathroom, 1 toilet, 1 TV – yet in reality it is bliss. We are not perfect. Each day there is, of course, a fight to be refereed, a little back-chatting to be reprimanded, an argument to be won however each day those brief moments of challenge are far outweighed by the joy and happiness that comes from spending this quality time together.

Today we spent the entire day at the park and although I took my camera with me, I didn’t take a single photo. We met up with another mum and 3 kids so were were still clearly outnumbered; 3 adults to 9 children… Today was more like organised chaos 🙂 I was content to just hang out, observe the kids in a new dynamic and to share tips, tricks and stories about life, raising children and how we are all connected in this small world.

It was only once we returned home and the kids were fed, bathed and ready for bed that I couldn’t resist capturing them all snuggled up on the lounge together watching a movie.



Friendship is the greatest gift.

Live. Love. Learn.

Sheryn Ellis, Portrait Photographer