AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) Member since 2012
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My name is Sheryn Ellis. I’m a mum of 3 pretty amazing adolescents, Lily, Jack and Cate. My children sometimes present me with my biggest challenges in life however they are by far my greatest joy.

My mission in life is to change the lives of children, one portrait at a time!

My mantra for several years now has been hashtag “Do What Makes You Happy” and I must say that living with this mantra has changed my life. I encourage you to try this mindset and see what happens!

From the Heart

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In 2015 I started regularly volunteering my time with the AIPP’s Reflection Project. My role was one of the 400+ photographers who would contact, meet and photograph WWII Veterans for the purpose of capturing their portraits to be displayed in a permanent exhibition at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. The project will also be turned into a book. I travelled as far south as Sawtell, NSW and as far north as Ormeau, QLD and photographed just shy of 100 veterans. It was truly an honour to meet, photograph and record these men and women’s stories.

Somewhere along the way, I realised volunteering really made my heart sing and was a gift that I was willing and able to give on a regular basis.

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I joined Heartfelt, an organisation who gives the gift of photographic memories to babies, children and adolescents who have passed away or are terminally ill. I’ve been a member of Heartfelt since November 2015 and to date have helped more than 55 families during some of the hardest moments of their life. It is truly an honour and a pleasure to be associated with such a wonderful charity.

My Freckle Project, is another venture I’m pouring my heart and soul into and I am extremely proud of how it’s coming together. To date every child in that project has been photographed free of charge and gifted their very own portrait to show them how amazing they are. You can read more about the Freckle Project here.

Nature Lover

I’m a self confessed nature lover (that’s a huge understatement). I love animals, the great out-doors as well as pottering around the garden on a quiet day at home. I’ve become the classic crazy cat lady, followed closely by being a crazy ‘chicken’ lady! My little menagerie of pets keeps the kids and I busy. It’s really important, to me, that I raise my children with animals as I believe it teaches them love, respect, compassion and responsibility. We are fortunate to live in the Gold Coast Hinterland where we have great neighbours and our own slice of paradise.

Record The Little Things In Life

I’d say my love of photography came about later in life through my desire to photograph the natural environment and record day to day life. This lead me to spend more and more time with a camera in my hands. Photography has taken over my life, in a good way, as I record real life, adventures and family, through daily images.

I Want Your Kids

If you’re looking for someone who can really connect with you in order to capture your true personality, you’ve found the right person.  I produce images that exude personality and emotion. I’m passionate about photographing children and recording all those funny, serious, happy, playful expressions that define who they really are.  When I’m asked how do I get children to co-operate during a photography session, I always laugh as it’s hard to explain that having three of my own has certainly equipped me with a few ‘tricks’ for how to get what I want from them! I generally receive their full attention during a shoot and I believe my images showcase that connection I make with each person.

I’d love to capture your family as I see them, in a relaxed, fun, unique style that sets my images apart from other photographers.

A passion for creating fine art images that you will treasure for generations.

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