I feel privileged to have the opportunity to record life via images. My children are certainly accustomed to what I do and the fact I will always have some sort of recording device on me!

I am not fussy about what device I use to record my life; iPhone, small camera or a big fancy camera, they all do the same thing – take an image, literally, a snapshot in time.

So it makes sense (to me) that I’ve taken on another photo-a-day APAD project. This one is super easy for me… it is simply an iPhone photo each day, shared on Instagram to record a moment of time during my day.

Now it’s one thing to take an image but then what happens to it? What do we do with all these ‘moments’ we’ve taken the time to record?

I feel so many of our digital images are wasted, undervalued, left neglected on our computers or in our phones and forgotten about. I want a tangible product. I will create a collage each month of the images taken and then at the end of the year I’ll print an Instagram coffee table book. A printed record – happy days.

Today I am sharing January 2014 with you. I trust you’ll follow my journey and perhaps you’ll be inspired to start your own APAD to record a part of your life that your friends and family will thank you for (one day!!).

My official Instagram Photo A Day images.

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