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Fine art photography is photography created in accordance with the vision of the artist. Photography that is created as a fine art – that is, created to express the artist’s perceptions and emotions and to share them with others.

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If you ask any parent, children grow up much too quickly, and the only way to preserve the memories is to capture a child’s life in photos. With photography technologies advancing on a regular basis, you might think that you can become your own professional photographer and take pictures of your child as they grow up. While casual moments can be captured on your point-and-shoot camera or your Smartphone and stored on a memory card, there are moments when a professional photographer is the perfect choice to create a timeless child portrait.

Timeless Portrait

The idea of taking beautiful pictures sounds easy, but when you consider everything that goes into taking the perfect professional photo, it is much more complex than you once assumed. Gold Coast Children’s Photographer, Sheryn Ellis Photographer has the patience, skill and creativity to capture a timeless fine art child portrait. The true essence of your child, in a classic styled portrait, created with love.

You know your child’s unique personality and expressions, but you might find it difficult to capture images that portray their uniqueness.  Sheryn will capture more than just your child’s face, she will capture their character, emotion and essence.

Posed vs Unposed

If you’ve ever asked your child to do something they had no interest in doing, you’ll know how difficult it can be to get them to do it, if you can get them to do it at all. Sheryn Ellis Photographer won’t try to pose your child in awkward positions, prop them into uncomfortable clothes or get impatient waiting for them to settle down.

During a Fine Art Child Portrait session we will work with your child, taking natural photo’s of them having fun and being themselves. We will offer direction and suggestions for the very best outcomes at all times. We want to make your child feel special and we always make the photo session an extremely enjoyable experience! You and your child will feel relaxed and at home with us, it’s how we capture the most amazing images.


We are happy to take photos of your children on their own, but if you want some beautiful photos of all the family we are more than happy to do that too. We have an incredible studio called, Studio Seven Australia which is located at 7/23 Leonard Parade, Currumbin QLD and we love letting our imaginations run wild to create something unique for you in a studio situation. We also offer location sessions, feel free to ask us about those! Wherever it is, we would love nothing more than to take some gorgeous photos of your family that you can cherish for years to come.

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