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Sheryn Ellis is the photographer who can help you to take that next step in your career.

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Whether you need to set up your portfolio before embarking on a career in fashion or fitness, or have been working in the industry for years. We offer invaluable advice and experience in creating a unique portfolio to best showcase your assets.

Sheryn Ellis Photographer supplies portfolios for body builders, fitness instructors, models, actors and performers. Whether you are starting a new portfolio or updating an existing one, our professional images can assist you in creating your desired style.

We recommend that you look through our website and portfolios, magazines or other publications to find examples of the types of images you would like to include in your portfolio and bring these with you on the day of your appointment. This will help us to style your shoot, as well as your makeup and hairstyles. It is important you bring with you the outfits, shoes and accessories you would like to be photographed in. We are happy to assist in your selection of outfits too.

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