First Up In The Freckle Project

Gold Coast Portrait Photographer, Sheryn Ellis (yep, that’s me) embarks on a personal project called The Freckle Project and I invite you along for the ride.

In the beginning, the freckle project was just a dream (you can read about that here).

I was unsure about how, exactly, I was going to make it a reality. All things happen for a reason and so here we go…

First up in the Freckle Project is James, a 9 year old blonde haired, blue eyed “dreamboat” (well I’m sure he will be called that in a few years time when those teenage girls catch a glimpse of him!).

James’ smile is extremely infectious, he has that quiet yet cheeky air about him. I see him as a gentle soul, someone who would be first to help out a friend before being asked to. I witnessed his calm gentleness as he played with my kids and held our guinea pigs in between lighting setups.

James, although shy and quiet, soon relaxed and was pulling cheeky faces for me just minutes into our photography session. He loved seeing his images on the back of the camera and I could tell that with each image I showed him, his chest puffed up a little more and he was truly happy to be apart of the freckle project.

My number one goal for the freckle project is to empower children, to show them what I see, their amazing, natural beauty, that childlike innocence shining in their eyes and those unique personalities packaged up in a bundle of freckled awesomeness!!

I’ve seen James again since I first photographed him (I’ve now also photographed his big sister and his big brother) so I asked his mum a few more questions:

Q. Was James nervous about having his photograph taken?
A. James was a little bit nervous at first as he wasn’t sure what to expect.

Q. Did James enjoy the experience? What were the highlights for James?
A. James loved, loved, loved his first ever photographic experience.  He came home doing all these model poses and strutting his stuff down the hallway. LOL  James really enjoyed your casual, happy disposition and your fantastic kids and your animals but I think he was pleasantly surprised how he looked in the photos.

Q. Do you believe it gave James a boost in confidence?
A. Definitely a confidence booster for James and I have to thank you so much from both of us.

Q. Do you believe showcasing the unique beauty of freckles will benefit all children who are self conscious about how they look – by showing them it’s ok to look different?
A. Most children Definitely. There will always be some that feel more self conscious that their freckles are the centre of attention, but by identifying and celebrating that being an individual and being different is great and all our freckles are what’s makes us special, hopefully over rides this.

Q. Is there anything you would like to say about your experience with me and the freckle project OR anything you’d like to tell anyone who may be considering involving their children in the freckle project?
A. I would like to say that our experience with Sheryn was so positive, fun and she managed to get heaps of great photos in a short amount of time.  She has passion and creativity for what she does and I would recommend her to anyone thinking about joining this project or having a photo shoot with her.  Sheryn you were so professional and my kids just loved their photo experiences with you and your wonderful children.  Thankyou so much for giving us this opportunity to be part of your project.

I love receiving feedback. Happy days!!

I’ve created a short clip of images. [youtube id=”Yo78T5QQZ3g” <iframe width=”600″ height=”350″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>]

Here are a few more images of James that we’d like to share with you all.

© Sheryn Ellis Portrait Photographer Gold Coast

© Sheryn Ellis Portrait Photographer Gold Coast

© Sheryn Ellis Portrait Photographer Gold Coast

© Sheryn Ellis Portrait Photographer Gold Coast

© Sheryn Ellis Portrait Photographer Gold Coast

© Sheryn Ellis Portrait Photographer Gold Coast


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