The Freckle Project.

It started with a dream. A dream where you wake up and are unsure if you have had a dream or if you have actually just completed a project.

My dreams always mean ‘something’, although generally the message takes a while for me to interpret. This dream left me with a desire to “do something” – so I did.

I prepared a Facebook post with a model call-out and hit ‘post‘. I had no idea if anyone would be interested but my gut feeling was that I was about to find out why I had to do a freckle project. The inquiries came rolling in and within hours, the first shoots had been organised. I knew for certain that the ‘freckle project’ was now a reality.

Day one of the freckle project. Saturday, 11th April 2015. I was a little unorganised: it was school holidays, my kids were running a-muck, my house was a mess, I’d set up a temporary studio area and I was freaking out about how I’d try to explain to people that the reason I was doing this freckle project was because I had a dream that told me to! To say I felt completely vulnerable would be an understatement!

To overcome my nerves, I switched on my ‘business head’ and started with official paperwork; consent forms, information forms, questions about the child/ren I was to photograph and lastly an AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) code of practice notice to reassure people that I really am a photographer (remember most of these people had never heard of me before, they simply saw a Facebook notice asking for freckled faces!).

Of course, I should have given myself a little more credit and trusted in my vision. The Universe was sending awesome people into my life, some whom I need (their stories have helped my vision) and some who need me. I realised all of this after meeting my very first freckle project family!

As the weeks roll on, I no longer have my freak-outs about how to explain my freckle project ‘dream’ to people, nor do I explain why one of my crazy kids have just walked in and handed a complete stranger one of our guinea pigs to cuddle, or a bird to hold while they get their photo taken – all these things now seem perfectly ‘normal’ in my crazy world! I am trusting that all things happen for a reason and so far everything is falling into place nicely.

Are you still wondering Why do I do this? I get asked that a lot! I’ll explain it like this: when I see ‘that moment’; the moment when a child’s eyes light up and I see that inner spark of happiness, it’s in that instant, I know they see what I see; love, peace, happiness, beauty and a pure spirit shining from within. That’s why I do this! As a bonus, my reward is their smiles, their thank you’s and their great big bear hugs as they leave.

I am photographing this freckle project because I had a dream, a dream to let children shine. I’m not sure how many freckled faces I’ll photograph or how long it will take to complete the project but I am excited to be doing the freckle project and I look forward to sharing this project with you as it evolves.

If you’d like to be involved in the Freckle Project, please email me:


Gold Coast Portrait Photographer Sheryn Ellis