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A Photo A Day February 2014

I haven’t given up! I’m still recording my daily moments on my iPhone and sharing them on Instagram.

February may be the shortest month of the year however I definitely squeezed a lot into each and every day.

My highlights this month included:

  • celebrating my youngest daughter’s 9th birthday – where does time go?
  • purchasing a lensbaby to have a bit of fun with. I love creating abstract styled images and this is perfect for that.
  • attending a Strategy Point workshop.
  • getting my hair cut, coloured and permanently straightened. I done this once before and decided I wanted to go ‘straight’ again!
  • watching our chickens hatch with my children. Such a wonderful thing to experience with the children.
  • training my cockatiel, Jessie – an ongoing commitment.
  • running a weekend photography retreat with Anita of Splash Photography. If you’ve missed hearing about our #LILSplashRetreat Photography Retreat at Ramada Couran Cove, please click here. Alternatively, check out all the details of the next one here: Photography Workshops And Retreats.

Remember, it’s not what you capture an image on (iPhone in my case) that matters, it’s what you are capturing – a priceless memory! 

Here is my February 2014 collage. I trust you’ll follow my journey and I look forward to hearing how many of you have started your own APAD projects. 

My official Instagram @sherynellis Photo A Day images.

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