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In life, every moment is a moment worth cherishing. Time has a way of getting away from us which is why photographs play such an important role in every household. We all want something to look back on to remember and relive those moments in our life.

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In the day and age where we all have access to a camera, it’s easy for us to assume that taking photos is easy. It’s true – taking everyday photos is easy, but taking truly amazing photographs that capture the moment perfectly is an art that requires skill and creativity.

Whether you want beautiful photos of a newborn, a family portrait, a corporate photo or a photo to use in your modelling portfolio, hiring a professional portrait photographer is always going to be your best option when you want incredible images that will wow!

Don’t be fooled by cheap ‘too-good-to-be-true’ photography packages! While a freelancing photographer or a photography student may offer a better deal when it comes to the cost of your photos, there is no guarantee that they have had sufficient training to know the ins and outs of photography both as an art and as a technical field. A professional portrait company, on the other hand, can only boast of professionalism having studied every aspect of photography. At Sheryn Ellis Photographer we are AIPP accredited and understand the concepts of placement, lighting, and composition.

Unlike amateur photographers, we know our cameras inside and out and know how to use them to capture the best possible image. We are also armed with the best equipment possible including lighting equipment, backdrops, and computer software which allows us to offer more options to you and have more control over the end product of a photo session. As seasoned locals, we are familiar with the best locations to take the most remarkable photos.

In portrait photography, every photographer will typically develop a distinct and unique style to set apart their work from other photographers and companies. Sheryn Ellis Photographer engages with each person to capture unique imagery. Our photographs are natural, candid and relaxed as we prefer to capture the genuine character and emotion of our clients. While we aim to be professional at all times, we also take a relaxed approach to our photo sessions as we find this helps our clients to remain calm and comfortable while we take their photos.

After a photography session we will process your images into stunning portraits that you will be eager to show off. We will then meet with you and you will be able to select the images you wish to have printed. We offer a range of portrait photography packages and are happy to develop a customised package to suit your needs.

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