A Photo A Day During May 2014

Let’s take a look at what I chose to feature as my photo a day during May 2014. Remember you can follow me on Instagram. My username is @sherynellis

May 2014, already 4 months complete and as the fifth month ticks over I’m sure of one thing – life isn’t going to slow down anytime soon.


1st of May four baby guinea pigs entered our world #lovehavingamenagerie. One of them is so small I initially gave her chances of survival as about one in 100. I named her Shiver and force fed her several times a day for weeks until I was sure she would be ok.  Shiver features several times during May – I was continually amazed by her strong personality, she’s a real snuggly girl.

May’s star sign is Taurus. I seem to know lots of ‘bulls’… lot of birthdays of both friends and family members were celebrated during May 2014.

I purchased a ProND1000 filter for my wide lens. The filter cuts out 10 stops of light and is useful when doing long exposures during the day time. A couple of days after it arrived I organised to give it a run through while catching up with a girl friend – luckily she’s a photographer too so completely understood my desire to ‘play’ with the new toy!

I had the pleasure of meeting baby Carly and doing a newborn family photography session with her and her mum and dad. The smell of a newborn baby always makes me clucky however these days I’m more than happy to enjoy the moment and hand them back!

I’m not sure if it was the fact the days were getting shorter and colder or if it was just my way of avoiding work but I seemed to spend a lot of time skipping from project to project: cleaning, cooking and organising everything from appointments to filing cabinets (all the things I’d been putting off for months and months).

The month ended, the same way it started, with the birth of another litter of guinea pigs (just 2 boys in this litter).

Some of the hashtags I used this month were: #dowhatmakesyouhappy #behindthescenens #catewillalwaysdothingsdifferently #mykidsarestrange #randomstuff #exploringisfun #vscocam #lovehavingamenagerie #happyphotographer #liveinlovephotography #guineapigsruleourhouse #doterraoils


Sheryn Ellis
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