A Photo A Day In June 2014

30 Days has September, April, June & November – All the rest have 31 except for February… This little rhyme is stuck on repeat, playing over and over in my head every day in June. Why? I have no idea!

Let’s see what happened as we moved into winter here in Queensland, Australia.

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1st of June my brother, sister-in-law and their kids had stayed with us for the weekend to help us revamp our jungle – oops, I mean gardens… I ended up with blisters from trying to mattock up the clay soil. It poured with rain which was a blessing in disguise as it softened the soil and made digging a little easier. We cooked lots of hearty hot meals to keep us all working hard. The results were worth every bit of pain and suffering 🙂

7th-10th of June was FULL ON. Seriously, I had a house full of creative people, we kicked it off with an all day portrait shoot in and around my property which lead into attending the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) biggest annual event which was conveniently held just 15 minutes down the road from where I live.

14th-15th of June saw a quick trip back home, northern NSW, to celebrate my mum’s birthday and catch up with all the family.

As the 2nd school term drew to an end there were anxious moments as I attended parent teacher interviews, received great report cards followed by the news (I’d been hanging out for) that the twins had been accepted into St Andrews Lutheran College – the only school I’d shortlisted and applied for them to commence high school in 2015!!!

28th of June was officially the first day of school holidays and Jack and his father decided it was a good day for a home clipper hair cut… good thing I’d already organised for my hairdresser to come over and give us all a trim and tidy up as she had to almost shave his entire head to make something of the punk haircut they’d created!

Some of the hashtags I used this month were: #dowhatmakesyouhappy #behindthescenens #catewillalwaysdothingsdifferently #mykidsarestrange #randomstuff #AIPP2014 #vscocam #lovehavingamenagerie #happyphotographer #liveinlovephotography #guineapigsruleourhouse #jessiethebird


Sheryn Ellis
Portrait Photographer Gold Coast
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