A Photo A Day April 2014

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Here we go –  April 2014.


3rd of April was my 15th wedding anniversary! I have trouble keeping up with the number of years – I think I stopped counting after ten years!

During April we had 2 weeks school holidays so I took another drive down to Sydney and spent a week relaxing, bush walking, talking and I may have indulged in a couple of drinks 😉

The chickens were laying eggs like crazy! There was a lot of poached eggs and zucchini slices made from the bounty.

A few Live In Love portrait photography sessions kept my creative juices flowing. I also managed to bribe my children and my best friends children into having their photos taken while I was down in Sydney.

I had my sister and niece visit. My niece was intrigued with our birds and carried them around while happily chattering to them.

All in all I feel April was a good month for rejuvenation and inspiration.

This months favourite image would have to be the one I took on the 14th. I took this wandering around the Sydney property where we stay. I especially like how the girls hadn’t even managed to get dressed for the day, choosing instead to go for our daily walk in their pyjamas – they certainly embraced being in ‘holiday mode’! The size of the burnt out tree trunk they were all standing in was also worth recording. sheryn-ellis_iphone-apad-april-2014_blog

Some of the hashtags I used this month were: #dowhatmakesyouhappy #kidsonholiday#catewillalwaysdothingsdifferently #mykidsarestrange #bushwalking #afterthefire #exploringisfun #vscocam #lilylovestolearn #lovehavingamenagerie #jessiethebird #happyphotographer #liveinlovephotography #flowersmakemehappy

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