I am a die hard Lightroom user. I rarely go into Photoshop other than to have a play around and sometimes increase a canvas size, do a little portrait retouching or some serious cloning.

Today I had a crazy thought that I could easily turn a vertical image into a landscape one by extending the canvas and cloning the background in…

Mistake number 1: Thinking this was a good idea in the first place.

Mistake number 2: Thinking I could do this in under 10 minutes.

Mistake number 3: Not knowing when to stop!

Result: An image that is nothing like I had envisaged and a defeated Photoshopper – me.

I’ll show you my poor attempts at this job and no doubt dozens of you will jump on and shake your heads at me and tell me how it should have been done. That would be great – all AOK with me.

Image I started with.

Photoshop image

Image I finished with…

Photoshop image

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Dream Big.
Sheryn Ellis