My Second portrait in The Freckle Project

Gold Coast Portrait Photographer, Sheryn Ellis (yep, that’s me) is looking for children with freckled faces. This personal project called The Freckle Project has become a talking point everywhere I go. People see the images I’m posting on Facebook and they want to know more, more about why, more about how I find all these amazing freckled faces and more about what comes next. All these answers will be revealed as we move through the project.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Riley. Riley became my second Freckle Project portrait, albeit reluctantly, he could not understand why I’d want to photograph him rather than someone with ‘perfect’ skin. To this little ol’ portrait photographer, his skin is perfect.

Riley was not keen to be in front of the camera and trust me when I say this is a typical response from boys, so I made the session as short and sweet as I possibly could.

My daughter came to the rescue and handed Riley one of our guinea pigs to cuddle. I know holding the guinea pigs was the only part of the session he enjoyed and if nothing else, then at least he was happy to play with my kids and our guinea pigs.

It’s difficult for some children to understand why I think they are so amazing, why I want to photograph their amazing faces and why I want to share their unique beauty with the world. I do my best to explain to them how much I love freckles and how truly special it is to ‘not’ look like every one else! My number one goal for the freckle project is to show children they are uniquely beautiful. Every face is different, just as every child’s personality is different.

Freckles, to me, are like the icing on a divinely made cake, a perfect finish.

I’ve put together a short clip of my favourite images, you can view that below.

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