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Celebrating a special occasion? No matter how big or small that occasion is, let’s create a beautiful photograph to mark the significance of what will be a treasured memory for you or your family.

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Milestones, formals, anniversaries, you name it we will record it perfectly for you.  Sheryn recognises that your special occasion will have a significant place in your family’s history, no detail will be overlooked.

Sheryn takes extra care not only in photographing the traditional formalities of your special occasion, but the special candid moments in between, that reflect the true ‘essence’ of  who you truly are, that your family will cherish for generations to come.

Special occasions sometimes cost a lot of time and money in the lead up. It just seems natural to want to capture it in a collection of images to remember how you were in that very moment. Every event is a special occasion. Every moment worth treasuring.

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