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Tallai Children’s Photographer 2016 Year In Review by Sheryn Ellis

Another amazing year has sped past.
Please take a moment to read how it unfolded for me.

As I sit here and reflect on what I’ve accomplished and all the people I’ve met and all the memories I’ve recorded I am feeling truly grateful. I wouldn’t change a thing.

I know I haven’t shared much on my Facebook page this year, however, for the record, I’ve spent a lot of 2016 giving back or as I like to think, Paying It Forward.

Here’s a breakdown of my volunteer sessions:

I photographed 56 WWII veterans for the AIPP Reflections Project, covering various locations in Northern NSW and South East Queensland.
I undertook 24 Heartfelt sessions (to find out more about Heartfelt go to
I photographed 23 more children for my Freckle Project taking the total to 104 photographed to date (yes, the exhibition and book will be my priority for 2017).
I gifted 3 sessions to various events as prizes.

That’s a total of 106 sessions! The countless hours of travel, editing and liasing with various people to complete those sessions is all worth it when you see the difference a photograph can make in a family’s life. PRICELESS has taken on a whole new meaning for me this year and I feel blessed to be in a position to provide these gifts.

On top of my volunteer work I’ve found time to photograph families, babies, models, fashion, events, corporate sessions, real estate, collaborative work as well as personal work for competition entries. Oh and I managed to squeeze in a few teaching sessions by way of private tutorials.

I entered various competitions and was awarded as an Honorable Mention or higher in most instances. I think I’ve shared most of those images throughout the year.

In August I escaped, alone overseas, for some much needed rest, relaxation and reflection time. In November I went on a ‘girls hiking’ trip to Tasmania where we hiked The Three Capes Track (check out Instagram @sherynellis and the hash tag #girlswhohikewithcameras to see those adventures). Other trips worth mentioning are the 2 family camping trips we took in January and March and a couple of other photography-friends weekends throughout the year.

If you’ve made it this far you are doing well. Let’s wrap this up. Why have I chosen this photo to share with you? This year I made my health a priority and in October I celebrated looking and feeling great by engaging Adore Studios to take my portrait – it’s the first time I’ve experienced that for myself. I loved the whole experience and have lots of beautiful printed images now as a keepsake.

What does 2017 hold for Sheryn Ellis Photographer ? My plan is to:

– continue my “I’m a mum first” life style;
– continue to be a Heartfelt photographer;
– complete my Freckle Project by holding an exhibition and creating a book;
– capture countless priceless moments;
– hang out with my fellow photographer friends;
– travel more;
– learn more;
– grow more;
– just be!
– Oh and to finish updating my website – shhh

Thank you to each and every one of you who have supported me this year and I look forward to

sharing 2017 with you all. Sheryn Ellis xo

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Sheryn Ellis