How to capture a natural smile. I’m going to be sharing with you my tips for photographing children.

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I love photographing children. Why are children my favourite subjects?  Every child is unique. Every day a child grows, changes, develops, moves one step closer to adulthood and tomorrow they will not be the same as they are today!

How do I capture the faces of a child?

“Stop smiling”. Yes, you heard me correctly – I’m constantly saying those 2 words during my photography sessions. Why? I want a real connection. When you tell a child to stop smiling at you, they easily give you a deadpan face. The more times you say, “honestly, I don’t want you to smile at me, stop smiling, just stare at me” the more they will relax, calm down and eventually their facial expression turns cheeky. Cheeky turns into smiley and those smiles are natural and real, not the cheesy forced grins that you generally see when you put a camera in front of a child.

photographing children

photographing children

Tips: The tone of voice you use when repeating the phrase; ‘stop smiling’ ultimately determines the expression you capture. I start off very serious, saying the sentence slowly and calmly; then each time I repeat those words my voice gets lighter, faster, happier and cheekier. My voice and face mirrors the emotion and reaction I’m seeking from them. I’m clicking my shutter button constantly and with each repetition of those 2 words I’m capturing another face/look. By the end of the session I’ve captured all of their expressions. It works every time!

My fun, relaxed photography style will ensure you receive photographs of your child that showcase all their cute, quirky, amazing faces. I am a child portrait photographer currently living on the Gold Coast. I look forward to sharing more tips for photographing children soon.

PS. Adults are just big ‘kids’ and this method works on everyone 😉

Live. Love. Learn.

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